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hai minna, i'm new at this community..yoroshiku onegaishimasu..^^..and this is my first time posting... i hope i do right post..^^
wanna share with u guys this huge news...

Poprainbow Ent (organizer) have requested to Johnny's Ent to bring one of JE bands doing concert outside Japan. And they has already gotten permission from Johnny's Ent to invite one of JE bands to make concert at Malaysia on 2009.

Johnny's Ent will consider the group by the number of votes fans gather at the poprainbow forum. The 1st proof is the vote.. but the vote.... =( ^ hide from Johnny's Ent...

By latest ranking and vote, KAT-TUN is in the 2nd place and has only 245votes. *cries*
minna, lets vote..^^...make the vote raise up...make KATTUN WORLDWIDE..^^..

the vote under Feedback & Suggestion

one more!!! posting and say everything at My Junior Arena under KAT-TUN part.. Johnny's people maybe will around...who knows.. ;) so, what we waiting for, lets show our support n love to KATTUN...

So hurry up and join now!! Spread the <3333333333333!!!!


more futher info about this project..u can check it out at KCS community
p/s thanks to [info]aikt for help thinking the sentence...


hope u guys like it..^^



@ here at my LJ @

*i'm not so sure this is allowed or not at this community...i juz wanna share this huge kattun fans project wif all kattun fans around the world..^^..tell me if this is not allowed..i will delete it then..^^...thanks.

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17 September 2008 @ 12:08 am
Hello there guys.

So out of the blue I suddenly went here again . XD Obviously I haven't been able to take care of this community.

I was pretty surprised that the members are actually 90 O_O;

Well since it's that many I'm hoping at least ONE of you will be willing to help me in reviving this community again since I don't really want to delete it.

Please be someone who is very willing and can be easily contacted
It'd be great if you have lots of ideas ( and time )  in reviving this community to

That is all.

In a week if no one comments here, Or if I can't find anyone at all. Then I'll delete it.

19 February 2008 @ 10:58 pm


koki kicked junno so hard today he fell out of the stage.

koki: then i'm a super carnivore !

maru: is she a dried squid ?!

maru/jin: something came out of his nose ! sounded completely like a pig !

( this episode is so full of crack. One of my favorites . XD)

ueda: you're less talkative compared to last week !

i think this is the first time ueda had *no smile*  in that game?

17 February 2008 @ 11:35 am

their guest for 100 Q looks like maru's sister or something . XD

koki's hair grew .. :)) .. it's like .. blonde now too ..
junno studied the piano for less than a year
koki played for 5 years. ohh..cool ...

ueda: i was at "office worker level"
koki: what do you mean?
ueda: I went to those schools during weekdays.

monday: calligraphy
tuesday: soroban ( a traditional way to calculate)
wednesday: swimming
thursday: painting
friday: english
saturday: crum school

In my case , i did all of those without motivation, so i don't remember any of it. ( WOW. good for you. )

ueda: my blood vains are good ( blue blood vains that bounce back when you press them)

maru: I don't smell fermented jin!
maru: it's disgusting !

koki: that's not what you should say when a girl makes something for you ! your horrible! she's our guest and this is your job!
junno: I love deep fried manju

koki: all i can think of is meat ( I wish I was meat ... XD)
Jin : I prefer havign what my girlfriend wants to eat

ueda: I lie to entertain others. there's a liar's rule. lier's shouldn't dissappoint people they have to make people feel relieved,for example, i said " akanishi went home" then the crew would panic, then I'd tell them just joking. that's okay. cuz they felt relieved. but if i say you one a million yen , then say it's a joke, then that's dissappointment,

( nice philosophy .. )

maru: so you lie to relief after dissappointment ???
ueda: i'm living hard everyday. ( goodluck on that .. )
maru: taguchi is the funnniest among kat-tun.

maru: show her you're best one !

junno : entrance exit taguchi !
koki: it only works the first time !
maru: i'm so scared ! ahaha.

koki slapped taguchi's butt this time with an umbrella. ahaha. XD
maru's dog is named mister. father who is a fan of nagashima , manager of a baseball time , nickname is mister.. ( whaaaaaaaaaat . :)) )

junno: I'll seduce her through the camera ! ( Go junno ! XD)
maru: he's really doing it !
junno : ahh ! i'm not good at it today!
maru: you're never good at it !

17 February 2008 @ 11:27 am

kame's hair's different.
kame: I love taking baths. ( with who ? with who ? LOL.)
kat-tun is exercising !! XDD  billy's boot camp
kame : my god billy is fun ! :)) junno: this is crazy !

kame: BILLY!!!( ROFLMAO, you kame, getting tortured , is very amusing .. )
maru played that heart something game . when he was 15…
junno : I like judo outfit for women ( how much do judo lessons cost ? XD)

kame : i love playing catch with a real baseball player
kame: i stopped when i was 14  . I haven't played since. ( yea . that’s when you entered the world of Johnny’s XD .. so sad .. well .. okay .. not really .. XD )

kat-tun is distracting the girl with questions XDD;;


16 February 2008 @ 04:38 pm

Maru's the only one the guest can look at without feeling nervous XD ( I guess cause he’s the cute-boy-next-door type ? LOL. Dunno.)

maru: koki gave me super family computer last year as a bday gift ( they even make games sound cool. Ahaha.)
kame: i have family computer the game ( you’re addicted to it, aren’t you ? XD)

that camera crew person appears again here . ahahaha .

maru : they're called ogyaru - girls who don't shower for days ( don't like them says kame)

i love that camera crew person !!!XDD

maru: we all know taguchi's good at this creative dancing !
he does it all the time backstage  ! :))
junno : i want her to clean my ears and let me use her lap as a pillow
maru: i never want that
junno : why ?

jin : is anything  living in your ears ?
kame : a small man or something  ? :))

ueda: he would come like " hi " * with action * ( uedaaaa 8D)
maru: I prefer her cooking for me when i'm feeling down
ueda is the best at it .
ueda: i have the stamina

jun : uepi is barefoot too !  yea i love this
junno  i'm the tallest. so i'm really disadvantaged ( the one time being tall isn't hot. XD)

koki's so crack during the jump rope thing. XD
maru seems to be the one who always gets distracted.  in this game

ueda opened his shirt like jin's XD ohhhh 8D
ueda was chosen as the distant cousin again . for bad reasons says koki.
(said to be mysterious again)

maru has sisters. ( so that’s why he says he’s surrounded by women?XD)
Ueda has an interesting conversation with the guest in the last bit. ahaha. XD

16 February 2008 @ 04:13 pm
ne-yo was their guest for dangerous exchange presents !!!

kame's wearing glasses ! 8D
jin tied his hair into a bun… uhh .. okay.. awkward ? XD
the freakin wrestler gave a looong intro  . LOL. I like him though.

kame: i'm like that too ! * referring that he orders the same thing and doesn't try anything new.
(*wishes she could join in and say “ I’m like that too ! “ * But nah.. I try new food :3 )

Taguchi has a dajare showdown! cool.cool.cool.XD
kame has colored nails here. purple colored.  *_*

ueda is now wearing the glasses. XD
Koki is so star-struck with Ne-yo! ROFLMAO. XD
Jin/ Maru :  you're sweating too much !
kat-tun: maybe you can write a song for us to  ? ( AHAHAHAH ! HE BETTER ! HE SHOULD ! XD )
koki made shoes for neyo . NE-YO  said he's wear it on the MTV music vid awards.


kame: that gave me goosebumps
koki: can i go home now ? ( you look like you’d die happily XD )
koki: i don't mind if i die right now ( just like what I said. LOL. )

Jin: nO! live !

maru got his cheeck squished by that wrestler =3

15 February 2008 @ 03:05 am

koki recieves a letter of complaint . against him bullying taguchi too much. XD

maru: i like women in suits. i like women who work hard. (yes, you’re an inspiration to countless women out there who work hard and try there best too look good in suits. XD)

Kame : I like it at night when i got to convenience stores and i see women without make-up in their tracksuits or t-shirts just holding a wallet.It makes me feel like i'm in their rooms…  seeing them makes me happy . It's exciting to see them . looking like " i've just washed my hair " .

( O___O !!! I shall live in all the convenience stores close to where you live ! XD )

jin : i used to think doing that gesture really could make your voice higher

(LOL. WTH JIN. ?! DID YOU DO THAT ?! : ) ) )

maru : it's not like it works for everyone !  ( thank you for obviously pointing that out maru. XD)

It's maru's second time to get eliminated first in this game. ahaha. I love this game.

12 February 2008 @ 02:47 pm

Links for episodes 49 and 50 are posted! [from chikara21 and vintersaga] :)


Here's a master post for all the available subbed episodes of our favorite TV show. MF and MU links are available so you can all have access to them.

Before we download away, be sure to send your love to the following people who helped me with this page:

For subbing: chikara21, lolitaprincess, sosweet_jin, bakanosekai, mons_pubis,

For the links:
beanybeans, vintersaga, lyndia_parker, angel_9_lives, nomanymore, mons_pubis, sosweet_jin, bakanosekai, evennexsoul, chikara21, kokoro_chi

Download links here at my lj :)
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09 February 2008 @ 02:57 pm

junno is holding a puppet bunny. <3 ( adorable )

I noticed most of the time ueda always touches the question where in the guest is asked of he/she could show his/her childhood pictures.

ueda: Don't we like sporty or smart girls when we are little ? ( I don't know ueda .. XD didn't you think you were a girl ? LOL )
ueda is still wearing those red-framed glasses here.suits him though.
koki has a motorbike. (very cool)

ueda ( saying something too serious and way off topic ) : we should enjoy living you know, ( kat-tun and guest reacts) that's important isn't it ?

jin whines that he isn't in the cover of cartoon kat-tun II you because he was in LA that time.
( too bad :( )

koki tried to sneeze with his eyes open. ( WHAT THE HECK ?! =)) GENIUS. KOKI. GENIUS )

maru: yea he filmed that with his mobile phone and tried to show me. XD
( I feel sorry for you maru, LOL)

Junno was made to wear an umbrella hat , and he said it made him feel like he could fly away. <3 cute.
koki was made to wear a striped rainbow sweater along with the umbrella hat and roller skates.( was he really forced or did he want that outfit ? LOL)

maru: the eldest should get it !
ueda: let's cut it evenly into 6 !

( sorry maru, I agree with ueda . XD )